The Well-Appointed Atrium

Problem: Condo Association had dreams of an update… and the reality of a budget

Solution: We helped prioritize their projects and completed several items on their Wish List within budget.

After seeing our renovation feature in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the owners association of On the Park Condominiums contacted Ogle Construction and Maintenance to request a bid on their atrium renovation project.

Similar to homeowners, the group had big dreams… and the reality of a budget. By sharing their budget with us right away, we went through their wish list and prioritized, deciding on upgrades such as painting, staining, carpeting, and removal of outdated items (like dated planter boxes). With our , we helped them decide on the major issues to complete, so they could take care of smaller issues later.

The end result is a beautifully renovated space – fresh paint, new carpet, and a completely updated look the owners can be proud of.

The reality is, everyone has a budget and it is important. They had a dream, they had a problem and they had a budget. We worked together with all three, came up with solutions and the clients were pleased with the result.