Leaky Basement Results in a Fresh Start to Homeowner

Leaks in the basement? Floor drain backing up? Significant signs of water damage? Sound familiar?

This is exactly why the homeowner called Ogle Construction and Maintenance Services. With hopes of someday remodeling their basement, they had a significant problem to deal with first. Water was coming in their basement, causing damage throughout leaving it damp and smelly.

After an investigation was done, the backed up floor drain was caused by a crack in the obsolete drain tile, leaks in the foundation and cracks in the sewer drain pipe running out to the street. Additionally, poor ventilation and electrical wiring were discovered, presenting a big safety risk for the homeowners.

“Ogle Construction is not about quick fixes. We do things right!” says Brian Ogle, owner. This resulted in the drain tile being fixed, the entire area reinsulated, walls were finished with no more exposing of pipes, electrical system was updated to code, new lighting in place, and updated carpet installed.

What once was a damp, smelly basement …. Now a fresh, mildew free living space and newly designed laundry room with plenty of storage.