Man Cave On A Budget

One of the attractions when purchasing this home was the large unfinished addition on the back of the garage. Perfect for a MAN CAVE! One problem …. during the winter, snow melts off the cars and water would seep into this unfinished area.

Ogle Construction and Maintenance Services came up with the idea to divide the rooms with a concrete bump like you see in parking lots. This stopped any water from spilling over into his man cave and is also strong enough to drive over if ever needed.

The walls were finished, inexpensive lighting and affordable carpet squares installed, and many existing materials were reused and repurposed. The rooms were also divided with a heavy industrial curtain for holding in heat or air conditioning, and blocking dust and garage smells so these separate spaces that could be temperature controlled.

This economical project resulted in a large multi-use area for the homeowner to entertain family and friends, relax and watch TV, use the exercise equipment or use the computer. Whether it’s a Man Cave, basement remodel, or kitchen upgrade, Ogle CMS works together with you and your budget.